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2004  HYAT was founded.
2005  Thermal cracking process started working.
2006  Hydrogen generator was established.  Hydrogenation process started operating.  Fractionation process started operating.
2007  Jiangxi Huachen Aromatic Technology Inc. was founded (a wholly owned subsidiary of HYAT)HYAT Multifunctional synthetic workshop II operated.
2008  Production Value reached Top Ten in Fuzhou City.
2009  Terpineol Production Line went into operation
2010  “Using Turpentine to Produce Dihydromyrcenol” was appointed as provincial High-tech project by Jiangxi government.Jiangxi Huachen Aromatic Technology Inc. went into operation.
2011  Automation reform and computer networking in Hydrogenation workshop & Hydration workshop finished successfully.Bought up (Guizhou) Huangping Litai Rosin Co. Ltd.
2012  Bought up (Jiangxi) Jinxi County Yongqing Forest Chemical Plant.